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Permabond Multipurpose PU Adhesive:

About Permabond

● Moisture-curing polyurethane based high strength adhesive
● Ideal for usage in wood / furniture / construction industries
● Can also be used at home for DIY applications
● Yields high mileage


Permabond works on a variety of substrates, including:
● Wood
● Concrete
● Ceramic Tiles
● Metals
● Plastics


● Strong and more durable than PVA adhesive
● Expands three to four times : less adhesive
usage per area
● Water-proof, and can be used outdoors / in
areas with high humidity
● Drying time/open time is customizable according to customer’s requirements – Drying time can be as short as 15 minutes to as long as 90 minutes.
● Can be sanded and stained


 Instructions for Use

1. Ensure surface is clean and dust free.
2. If surface is non porous e.g. some metals, sanding is required.
3. For faster bonding (less open time), dampen the two surfaces with a wet cloth.
4. Apply a thin bead of adhesive to one substrate. Do not brush. Please note that the
product expands 3-4 times so be sure to use a very small amount.
5. Join the two substrates and apply pressure.
6. Clamp/Tape both substrates together providing adequate amount of pressure.
7. Remove clamps/tape after 1-2 hours.
8. Bond will reach full strength in 12 hours.
NOTE : Product will not bond as required in places of low ambient humidity. In this case, ensure the two surfaces are
moistened before application. This situation can especially arise near saw mills.

Safety Instructions

● Store in tightly closed in inert, cool place
● Avoid inhalation and wear gloves while handling




 Woodwork Demonstration: